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What We Do

We support all endeavors sponsored by the North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Each chapter is free to focus on activities important to its own sponsoring SCV Camp as well as supporting SCV state and national efforts. The OCR will support all endeavors sponsored by the SCV, including but not limited to, the preservation of ALL Confederate symbols. That support, as well as ideas and talents will determine the direction each OCR Chapter will take.


The Order of The Confederate Rose is named after Rose O'Neal Greenhow. She was the Confederacy's most celebrated female spy. She is credited with alerting the rebels of enemy operations prior to the Battle of Manassas. She was deported to the South in 1862 and acted as an unofficial Confederate emissary to England. On her return to America in 1864, she reached the coast of North Carolina where she insisted on going ashore in a small boat, which took water and sank. She was buried with military honors in Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington.


The Order of Confederate Rose is open to all ladies, ten years of age or older, regardless of ancestry. It is non-racial, non-political, and non-sectarian. The Order of Confederate Rose will not compete with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, or with any other genealogical organization.  We invite members from other genealogical organizations to join with us.